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Player - Beth Denton, of DeKalb, IL

Current Name - Giselle Autour di Milan

IC Picture Image:Giselle.jpg

Clan: Acknowledged by the Daeva.

Age - Since Giselle claims to have raised by the Seneca before they were "corrupted" by Handsome Lake, this puts her at around two centuries.

Location - Varies. Lately has been seen in DeKalb, IL and Sedona, AZ.

IC LJ Icon - Image:Giselle.gif

IC Livejournal - Soar by Night

Common Knowledge among the Circle:

Giselle was adopted at a very young age by the Hawk Clan of the Seneca, and eventually was trained by them as a shaman and a member of the False Face society. As a teen, she was returned to her family in France, a fate worse than death, as far as she was concerned. Shortly thereafter she met and was embraced by Roland le Moissonneur.

Giselle joined the Circle in the late eighteenth century, under the tutelage of Aspasia. Her one known student is Mordechai.

Rumors and Stories If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about Giselle, feel free to post them below here.

  • Giselle is rumored to have "blown up" the herald of DeKalb, IL
  • Giselle's skin is rumored to cause horrible burns if touched by the unprotected.
  • Some say that the fact that her recent re-emergence into the Requiem is no coincidence, but the first stroke in Julia Kincaid's master plan.
  • Giselle is an student of the feared Gonzo.
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